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been a while, but much progress

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hi, it's been a while since i have posted on here, i've been working on the house, but some trial and error work, so i haven't wanted to post, until i was pretty much set on my design. i have pretty much finished up the top of the front of the house, lots and lots of detail work. i scoured over pictures of real houses, looking for designs i liked, that took time, and then making it work, which included some tearing apart and changing. i find i kind of make some of this up as i go......so, that being said, i have sided the front upper part of the house, both tongue and groove siding, and shakes. i came up with a design for the fan window that i'm really happy with, and some gable detail i also like really well. i have also installed soffits under the eaves, to give it a real finished look. windows are in, and i have just started roofing the front porch. i cut shakes for the roof in different widths, and i am putting them on kind of randomly, to simulate a real shake roof. wow is this roof going to take some time!!!! so here are some pics, so you can see my progress...... p.s. anyone in the area that wants to help me paint this thing!!!!!!!!!!! :ohyeah:







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