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  1. hi angie, i did a tutorial on floors you may find helpful, here is a link to it, hope it helps. any questions, send me a message! http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/forum/i...i&img=53720
  2. wow!!!!!!! never thought of that holly!!! good tip, thanks.....and roxxie, any links you may find will be gladly received....thanks guys!!!
  3. hi guys.....i have a problem. i am building a model home for a construction company. it will be a complete house, all rooms, and when finished, the roof will come off to view the inside. i realized it would be way to big, (6'2" X 4'), so, i have to make it in half scale. the company wants it with cabinet's and sinks, toilets, tubs, and kitchen appliances. does anyone know where to find these things in modern design, in half scale??? i have looked around a little, without much luck. i am fearing i may have to make some of this stuff myself. any help would be much appreciated!!!!! thanks, dave
  4. i would think a scroll saw, you can really make some intricate designs with one. and, with the variety of blades, you can cut different thicknesses or cut the tiniest details.
  5. i use a syringe with a transfer needle, (large gauge) if the needle is to small, it's hard to get the glue out. i have tried different things, but like this the best. p.s., i havn't stuck myself yet!!!!!
  6. i dont know if this would work for your situation, but i use a small nail, cut off the head, and drill a small hole in the porch and the post. then i just add a little glue, and slide the post over the nail, it cant move!!
  7. hi kabrina, so far i have mainly used two types of wood, walnut, and cherry, and i love both. if you want a lighter floor, maple is nice. this floor is walnut and this floor is cherry hope this helps....
  8. i think the yellow you guys are talking about is the unpainted wood that has no color on it.......
  9. after i decide on the house plan, and the shell is built, i look at tons of pics to get ideas. i take bits and pieces of what i see, and incorporate them into my design. lots of it also just comes out of my head, and believe me, many things get changed along the way. lots of the time, i just design something to fit a certain area of the house that i feel just needs something. perfect example is the strip of circles under the second floor windows of my current build. it was a plain area, and not big enough to put siding in, so i came up with the circles. i had seen them used in pics of real houses, and i thought it would work well in this area.
  10. hi don.....i think ceiling height can depend on the style of house, but anything you chose is really up to you. however, if your house is of an older design, i would make the ceiling height a minimum of 9'. i dont think i have ever been in an old house like we build that had 8' ceilings. also, i make the ceiling height what i want it to be, not including the floor, so if it's going to be a 9' ceiling, then i have a full 9". dave
  11. i am starting to think about exterior paint colors now, and i have a main body color in mind. what i would like to know is, if i do go with this color, what other colors would work well for accents. i was thinking of another darker shade of green, and a dark burgundy, but i would like at least one more color to add to this, as i have a lot of details to paint. i posted a picture in my blog of the color i am leaning toward, so have a look and send me some input!!!! thanks!!
  12. i am finishing up the last exterior wall now, and it was a hard one. in the plans, this was a bare wall, nothing on it, except some optional windows, if you wanted to put them in. BORING!!!!! so, i got a little creative. i used 8" sonotube to make the wall. sonotube is a round heavy cardboard tube used as a form to pour round concrete pillars, and it comes in a lot of different diameters. it's 1/8" thick, so i had to glue 4 pieces together to make it the same thickness as my walls. then it got tough, making all the round trim and so on. i bent the wood, using steam, but had a lot of trouble since the diameter was so small, but i finally got it how i want it. i made my posts, and put it all together. still debating on the plain band just below the roof, i might add some kind of detail there, not sure yet. also, one of the pics has a color painted on the front of the house, i am thinking of that color as my main body color.
  13. cranky

    lower front

    back already!!! well, i built the door frame for the front of the house, i will make the door later, but i needed to get the frame in place so i could finish the siding on the front. the finished front entry will have narrow windows beside the door, and a transom above. once again.........anyone want to help me paint???????????? hahahahaha. next, i think i am going to move around to the other gable end, and finish siding there, and continue on with the roof.
  14. i have been very happy so far rubbing tongue oil on the floors after staining. i just wipe it on, leave it alone for about five or ten minutes, then buff it with a dry cloth. the more coats, the more shine.
  15. sorry holly, i was saying that the tools in the pic are just the ones linda keeps in her purse....a drawplate for sizing wire and such???
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