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On my knees begging for Granville instructions, pretty please?


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Hello, could any of you good people help me? I found an incomplete Granville dollhouse kit from a flea market but it was missing 2 panels and the instructions. I only know that it’s supposed to have 14 panels in it. I have no idea what those panels look like or where those parts go. I paid $450 for the kit thinking there were instructions and it looked like all of the kit was there, but I had no way to verify it. 

This is my very first dollhouse and I’ve waited 30 years to finally build one. I could never afford it. I couldn’t afford this one, but I saw it and fell in love with the picture. I want nothing more than to make it complete again and build my very first dollhouse. 

I’ve read other threads asking for these instructions and saw that a kind person sent them a copy. if annyone could be so kind as to please help me too? Please. Thank you for reading.  

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