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Any helpful hints on what grout to use for tiles and wall stone (real stone, not the printed kind)? My house is triple-layer foam core wrapped in glue and paper, which makes it very light and pretty strong, but there is still a bit of flex in it, and I'd hate to start popping the grout every time I move the house. It will get one final stabalizing base once I'm done, so the flex will be little in the end. But still ...


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I did order some printed brick, but was pretty unhappy with it. I'd like to go with the real deal. The foam core is triple layer, and the glue and paper wrap make it pretty darn strong. I've already shoved it off the table a few times just to test it. But, there is still a risk of torque when carrying it, so I'm hoping to find a grout with some super bond. 

I did find this old Greenleaf post, so I'll experiment with these ideas. I assume these are wood dollhouse structures, though. Pic attached is the stone wall I am referring to. Typical landscaping fill, but scale seems to work. Going for that field stone look just on one corner. Saw something like it many years ago, a 1960s apartment building. 

All I can do is try. I'll fail, succeed, or probably land somewhere in the middle. Updates to follow. So far, each stone is washed, dried, then attached with No-Nails. Holding fine, takes a little effort to pry them loose. Perhaps I can mix no-nails with sand.


New Facade a1.jpg

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