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1:144 houses are like M&Ms . . .

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Because, you always want just a few more!

I am very drawn to this scale and similar because I (probably) won't run out of space for them. I started with the Hallmark Nostalgic Houses and shops, and then went straight down the "dollhouse for a dollhouse" rabbit hole, researching far and wide.

I do feel like I missed the Golden Age for this scale, now that the NESM houses and the Cynthia Howe ones and even the Greenleaf ones are no longer sold.

For now, I have bought a few inexpensive kits from overseas, just to make sure I like building this tiny scale. (It's possible that I just like looking at them. 🙂)

If my eyes and fingers survive, maybe I will treat myself to something more complex.

Would love to hear about others' adventures in 1:144.

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Welcome to the little family.  I seem to remember 'way back when I first joined the forum (nearly 20 years ago!) we had a member who worked in 1:144 scale.

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Welcome to the forum! I'm aiming to work mostly in 1:12, but I think I have some overseas kits I became obsessed with (The Moran House and the Happy House, and their sister kits) that are 1:144 scale. Enjoy it, and have fun on here as well! 

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