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Early 2024 Swap poll


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Hi all! Gauging interest ina swap for early 2024. Please reply if you’re interested and if you have theme ideas or like one of these:


-valentines day

-Mardi gras

-feminine/romantic decor


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I'm not really sure how to do these, or if I can once I know how to, but I like the winter/spring theme! Figuring out how to do those without going with Christmas or Easter is tricky, and it sounds like a fun challenge to make, or fun items to collect. 

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Lucy, once everyone participating in the swap has signed on with the hub person they will be informed how many people will be in the swap, the deadline and anything else the hub person wants you to know.  Each person decides on an item to make and whatever you decide to make, make that many of the item you choose and send them to the hub person before or by the deadline.  I found it was simpler to include myself in the number of items to make, but kept mine when I sent the rest of them off.  I won't be participating; until the spate of health issues and all the other real life "stuff" we've been having to deal with decides to let up minis have taken a back seat.

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Being a "builder" myself I'd go for a spring theme. I build more stuff than I "create" stuff, just the way my brain works. I'd love a spring swap.


Or maybe Mardi Gras, if I could figure out something to build for that....

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