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thats all Ive been doing for the past two years, I started out with the evil dead cabin, so far Ive done the Bates Mansion, Night of the living dead farm house (1968) Texas Chainsaw Massacre roombox, Sleep Away Camp (counselors cabin) Final Destination 5 (the race car accident) Friday the 13th cabin and finally the Meyers house from Halloween.  right now Im working on the Neibolt house from It. Im almost finished..after that I have the Blair Witch project waiting I might tackle the house from Salems Lot or Fright Night the Original movie with Chris Sarandon, what I really want to do is the crypt keepers mansion now that would be fun.  making these houses  out of cardboard  and joint compound has given me a lot of confidence in my skills and abilities. I went from wanting to do this... to doing it (I should thank you ladies for being so supportive)


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