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  1. Mineejv


    I hope you have a little squirrel running in....
  2. I used the iron- on veneer for the first time recently, I made 2 floors in one night... fun & easy. If I was using regular sticks it would’ve taken me two weeks or longer to do 2 floors... they came nice. When I’ve been at the hardware store I’ve been looking for a long stick or something like that...duh...didn’t realize it came in a package in a little circle. Holly, you always talk about it... thanks.
  3. Mineejv

    Half scale bed

  4. Beautiful... I know how long it takes to do floor moldings and door moldings...very nice...
  5. Are you serving some iced tea...? Very nice....
  6. Mineejv


    That happens a lot....
  7. Mineejv


    I would love to show you...but... I can’t put them in my gallery... it tells me resize, (I resize) it tells me resize (I resize) then I get aggravated....
  8. It looks good.... I checked out there site very nice stuff....
  9. Mineejv

    Entryway floor

  10. I like the one on the left and right on the couch...they look like little cone heads....
  11. So.o.o.... BEAUTIFUL ... you have patience....
  12. I know what a link is, but I don’t know how to get it from me to you or on here....
  13. Holly, I would love to ....but I don’t know how to do any of that stuff.... that’s why I watch it on YouTube....
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