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  1. Mineejv

    Rugs / Punch needle rugs

    Rugs / That I’ve made...
  2. It took me 1 hour to load 3 pictures.... But that’s O.K...They loaded.
  3. Oh, they are truly amazing. I think I have to buy one....
  4. Is that a spider web couch.... That would look soo nice with my spider web rug... I’ll try to put a picture of it.
  5. Wow....that’s amazing, all she’s done. Thanks for the look.
  6. Looks nice....you work fast.
  7. Mineejv

    Steampunk Magician

    Picture perfect...
  8. What a beautiful room, I love that bedroom furniture...Do you happen to know who made the vanity? The Bureau looks like a Sonia Messer?
  9. Duh.... I was looking at the stairs and the door thinking... my hands could never get in there to put posts and rails.
  10. I’ve always put my railing and posts on before I put my stairs in. ????
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