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  1. Wow, you’re very talented...
  2. So cute....I love what you did...
  3. Carrie, you must know that from experience...???
  4. A cute couple... She needs to take her apron off before they go dancing...
  5. When did the hurricane come through? The tree work is great...
  6. Mineejv

    leaded windows trial

    That came out real nice...
  7. Looks great.......love all that empty space u have...
  8. Mineejv


    Just... adorable....
  9. I like what you did with that space... the radiator makes it... I used that paper for a ceiling... if you put a radiator in one room do you need to put one in every room???
  10. Mineejv

    gothic channel.jpg

    How do you still have room in your house? I like seeing your friends ( dolls) and buildings...
  11. Havanaholly always does the welcomes. She lives near the coast of Alabama. It doesn’t look good in that whole area, I hope she’s staying safe. Prayers to all... Welcome to the little family, Erica.
  12. Mineejv


    I love how the room came out... I like the bookshelf under the window seat... Nice feature...
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