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  1. Mineejv


    Wow it looks great.... kind da like Legos
  2. Mineejv

    poppy banana May.jpg

    That’s outfit is beautiful... l wish I could crochet like that.
  3. Mineejv

    poppy banana May.jpg

    She’s waiting for someone...Beautiful room.
  4. Mineejv


    I never wanted to do a Halloween house butttt.......During my (Stay In )I painted one of my house that I’ve had for 15 years to be Halloween house.
  5. Clothes pin dolls... cute cute. You used the good styrofoam...
  6. Beautiful....very nicely done, inviting....
  7. I wish they had had more information on the tables.That’ll be something I’ll check out.
  8. I’ve made a lot of punch rugs and I did use Karin tutorial. She’s a good teacher. I travel a lot so I do the punch rugs in the vehicle and sometimes it’s really hard to see the holes, with the mash it’s big squares I’ll be able to see it easier. ( and the bumpy roads ) The French knot I’m not sure I know how to do that one I have some books I’ll have to look it up.
  9. Happy Mother’s Day... it’s not fun,not eating with Family.
  10. Has anybody Tried to do a punch needle rug on the hard plastic mesh instead of material ? If you have how did it look? I’ve never cross stitched,I know they do that on the mesh.(or the counting Crosstitch)
  11. Fov, is it something you are going to do?
  12. Mineejv


    I want an all White House....... Beautiful !!!! I would love to see a close up picture of your drapes, ( if you don’t mind) very elegant... beautiful bedding...
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