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  1. Spooky Squirrel

    table lamp

    love the bird wallpaper! Do you use scrapbook paper or wallpaper?
  2. oh I love the detail on the window box! So pretty (and I am a sucker for a turquoise color)!
  3. Thank you! I will take quirky over normal any day of the week LOL
  4. Thank you!! I was originally planning on a star/night theme for the bathroom but then saw this paper and those plans went *whoosh* right out the window!!
  5. Thank you!! That is very helpful information - really appreciate it! Yes - textbooks would be ideal to hold stuff together LOL
  6. Thank you so much!! so fun making it look so rubbish LMAO
  7. Thank you - so far that has been the most fun part of this build!! I am sad that I am running out of walls already! LOL
  8. My first house is going to be house of horrors - I look forward to seeing your Halloween house! Halloween is my fav holiday <3
  9. Welcome Maria - what a lovely idea - I can't wait to see what your creativity comes up with! Welcome
  10. The house is finally starting to come together!! The real MVP of this process is books - I have been using them to hold everything in place LOL Living room Kitchen Bedroom wall and staircase opening Bathroom wall (don't mind the mess) I am so excited, and a little amazed how quickly the inside pulled together as I glued it together. Next steps is finishing up the inside of the roof/gables. After that is wrappedd up I will be working on the outside. I saw an idea to use cereal boxes/food boxes cut in strips for exterior siding .... an
  11. Thats a promise I can make! Barbie dolls are way too large for this scale anyhow :P I do however have a bunch of small skeletons in our Halloween decor that may wind up chopped up and sprinkled throughout the hosue
  12. So... it seems to be evolving into a life of its own but it started with an old couple that came from money but was disowned by their families due to their interest in the occult. Now.... it does seem to be turning more into a house of horrors. They had a beautiful and lovely house but over the years they have focused their energies on more gruesome activities and their home has begun to fall apart around them. The only thing that is going to remain constant is the fact that they are old because I was able to score two dolls for $5 and they are an old man and old woman. Oh, and they
  13. ooooo that is a lovely idea! I am planning on having the lower level windows nailed shut anyhow so that would be an excellent detail!
  14. My first build - the Orchid model - is coming along! I have been having a ball with the walls, I could seriously spend HOURS making them look moldy and decrepit. I know that I am still early in the process, but I really wanted to share my process This window so far is my favorite - I love the peeling wallpaper and the plaster, still needs more aging and mold (that window casing is looking way too clean IMO) This is a wider shot of the bedroom wall (upper) and the kitchen wall (lower)- complete with water damage and a healthy dose of black mold
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