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  1. thank you! I was going for "the house on the block that may be abandoned but .... maybe not?" I think the skunks/kitties are my favorite part too LOL
  2. oh yes - I haven't started any work on the furniture! Don't worry tho - it will be aged and packed with spooky stuff soon enough hahahahaha I am actually really excited to get started on the kitchen, I have so many ideas to play with!! including using model paint for painting the plastic kitchen
  3. Does anyone know if the interior dimensions of the Beacon Hill house rooms are shared/posted anywhere? I have looked but have not been able to locate them. Thank you!!
  4. This weekend I made a ton of progress - First up, I created some overgrown planters and a trash heap for two adorable skunks I need to find a better place to take photos but you get the idea. This weekend I also found the courage to make my curtains. I have been collecting hankies and thinking about what I wanted to do for months now and I finally pulled the trigger and did them. The living room's windows and walls are complete before the floor and ceiling ... oh well The bathroom in this house is so tiny and oddly shaped - I have been playing with layout but I think this will be the best that I can do. Have to do the floor in this room as well. Like with the bathroom - I am planning the layout of the kitchen, which is another wonky space. Really looking forward to the square rooms of the Beacon Hill.
  5. I started putting the moss on!!! I am so excited! Does anyone else get sad when they finish a portion of the house? For example, I was sad when I finished the walls because I had so much fun with them. Now, I am getting sad that I can see that the roof will likely be done this weekend. Will have better photos later but I have also added mold with pastels, and have layered on a little more of the black staining. The roof looks perfectly in need of maintenance and I am so happy!
  6. so adorable and perfect!! I love them!
  7. It will also be a decrepit house (hence me practicing all the techniques on this Spider Cottage) The first floor will be (right to left): the living room, the parlor (inspired by the Dark Shadows tv show and People Under the Stairs), and the kitchen (inspired by both Coraline and Texas Chainsaw Massacre) Second floor will be (right to left): Master bedroom, library (inspired by an xfiles episode), bathroom Third floor will be (right to left): Spooky doll room/ inspired by the frozen Cathrine and Charlie story, (unsure/TBD), art studio (inspired by House of 1000 Corpse and the video game ) will also be doing a mod to have an additional room in the attic (Rosemary's baby inspired) So I have a room (top middle, where the staircase ends) that is up for grabs, and I don't have a super solid idea for the porch yet either. I am also still collecting so many ideas on Pinterest, will need to organize those to be clear soon! LOL Additional inspiration is coming from the Addams family Tv show, Italian giallos from the 70s, Layers of Fear video game, and abandoned buildings Still have a lot to plan but I am excited to flesh it out a little more
  8. So excited - almost done with gluing down the roof shingles! Wanted to wrap it up this morning but had to get to work instead (very lame) I went on vacation for my birthday, and was able to score some cute miniatures at a few antique stores - and was gifted some amazing minis as well!! I have been playing around with the layout of the house and think that I am closing in on how I want it arranged. Planning for the beacon hill house that I will be doing after this house is done is picking up and really becoming a solid plan - now when I am looking for items in the wild I am able to identify how I can incorporate it into the house. Of course I still have. a long way to go on Spider Cottage - and I am so excited to continue evolving my ideas and skills on this one ❤️
  9. congrats on your first build! I am in the middle (i think?) of my first build and it is so much fun!! And this forum is amazing - can't wait to see some pictures!
  10. YES!! I know it is a fine line between working toward what is in my head and accepting how it turned out, but I am so happy that I did the second layer because it is a level of detail that I didn't think that I could achieve! 🥰
  11. I am sooooo excited to see the exterior come together! I did go and buy some paint that is the same color, but darker and more vibrant and I could not be happier with how it turned out! The tutorial worked great with the layers, and the old paint job looks like it was the same color just sun bleached and aged. This couldn't have worked out better if I had planned it!! And the roof is coming along as well! Aging it is so fun, can't wait to finish the mold and then add some chalk pastel details and glue some moss over it! It looks like the house in the neighborhood that you think could be abandoned but not entirely sure (which is the goal!)
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