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Aster cottage roof

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I like the size of this cottage but really don't like the roof with those thick overhang portions. Does anyone know if this could be changed? I've looked at the pics in the gallery and the GL store and can't tell if the roof could be put on without those overhangs. I like the floor plan and fireplace and the price is right but the roof, unless you put snow on it just isn't what I would like. Just a plain roof to shingle is what I would want.

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I just looked at the blog spot. It does look like the roof side pieces could be left off. The overhangs could even be trimmed down a little. I am looking at smaller houses and this one is a good size and the fireplace and chimney are nice. you could even add some flooring instead of just a loft. I love changing things around. The door and windows look good on this too. I may get one on Ernies April 1st sale.

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Kind of a late response, but maybe for others...

I just finished most of the roof on my Aster. It looks like one of the big things that the overhangs do is stabilizing the roof. There's what seems to me a complicated set of pieces that make the roof a little more sturdy and such. I think they could be easily left off with out too much of an issue, especially if you're going to firmly glue the roof into place or otherwise reinforce it. (I almost left the overhangs off out of frustration, lol.) You would need to trim off or fill in the tabs and slots in a few places.

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