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and I posted I got 2 new houses today TONS of pics of them!

Guest Nathaniel

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Guest Nathaniel

Sorry, this is a duplicate post - I dont know how to delete it...

I posted some pics of the Newberg and Colonial I got today, June 8th, 2008! I love them! I plan on painting the Newberg multiple colors (tentatively white, brown, and tan). It will be beautiful! It came with all of the furniture you see inside. I will change alot of the floors and wallpaper and of course stain the shingles and rehab it into its glory! :)

As for the 9 Room Unfinished Colonial, I plan on bashing it to make it look like my real house. I will cut up the front to move windows and bring the center of the house forward, then I will add two peaks and a garage to make it look just like my real house. I love the colonial because it seems to be a custom made house, (possibly from d.house plans plans and not a kit) and it is my first house to have working windows. This unfinished colonial also came with all of the furniture you see inside it in the pics of it (except the fireplace).

I also posted new pics in my Blue Colonial Gallery (the free house I got recently) and in my Spring Fling Ranch House Gallery

(which looks more like a trailer home with a garage the more I look at it) lol.

Comment my pics and let me know what you think!




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