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Kitchen Stairs


I am going to get the Primrose and add to the side here. I'll get my husband to cut out a door under the stairs and this will just be a foyer/hallway. I have a rolltop desk I made that will be perfect. It's supposed to be the kitchen, but the space is too small. How can you decide between having a sink or a kitchen table?? so when I add the Primrose I will have kitchen space on the first floor (with a 2nd door), and a nursery space on the second floor (for the baby!). I closed in the stairs because the provided ones looked like a ladder, very dangerous!! I already have a piece cut to run up the side of the stairs to make them look even "neater"

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My Orchid 2011

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I love the Orchid and the Arthur but I agree about the stairs. A ladder just doesn't cut it for me either. I want to add the Primrose to my Orchid kit so I'll be watching to see how it goes for you.

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I'm going to go ahead and order the Primrose, in just a bit. They have it on Amazon for 20 with shipping included. I seriously am not sure how the logistics will work.. I know it will probably cover my upstairs window completely. I'm willing to hang curtains on the inside and put ivy on the roof to keep from dismantling any part of the already glued window though. I love that I've finally found a place I can discuss all my ideas too, I think my husband's getting burned out on my fantasies.. He told me yesterday "If you're ready for me to cut the door for you I can do it now.." lol -- gotta love him :)

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