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Option 3: Portico and what's left of the porch1


After struggling between a standalone portico (which I liked better visually) and a portico with a side flat-roof porch (which made more sense structurally), I opted for a portico and the remains of a side porch. Best of both worlds! Lyssa and I had some laughs batting ideas back and forth. She was keen on raccoons living in my roof. And, we both agreed a sagging roof on an old house would be wonderful. Lyssa commented, 'You could leave just parts of the flat roof, indicating that the roof fell in some time ago, but the old woman had some sense to have that nonsense hauled away.' I told her, 'She did have the sense of not wanting garbage on the porch...but she's not paying anybody $10K for a new roof! She doesn't sit out there anyway...too many raccoons.' And, the idea was formed... I took the cardboard porch piece and ripped it back to represent the remnants of a porch once connected to the house. There will also be remnants that once attached to the portico and perhaps a splintered stub from a porch post on the corner, but I think this allows me to take advantage of the strong portico while making sense of the open porch next to it. Why the porch is gone is another story...which you will have to wait to hear. :ohyeah:

From the album:

The Haunted Heritage

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