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Flower Construction


The pots of flowers in the corners of the room were so easy to make that I'm tempted to become a mini-landscaper! I used green flower wire and floral tape for the leaves. I didn't realize that floral tape isn't really sticky, so I used rubber cement to glue the two layers together, with the wire in between. It was really easy to snip the leaves to shape and bend them a bit with the needle-nosed pliers.

The flowers are snipped from much larger red flowers found at Wal-Mart.

I had a couple of wooden buckets on hand. I took the bails off, put some tacky glue in the bottom, and filled them with DAS air-dry paper clay to within about an eighth of an inch of the top. I put another layer of tacky glue and sprinkled with coffee grounds, then pushed the flowers and leaves into the clay.

The little flower on the table is made similarly. I painted a wooden flower pot green, added the clay, glue, and coffee grounds, and stuck in some thin plastic greenery. After it dried, I used the needle-nosed pliers to bend the leaves.

I'm really pleased with the results!

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Scratch-built: Cousin Dave's Room Box

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