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Porch post woodsies


I couldn't make the porch posts stick if my life depended on it. So I made some woodsies. They measure 3/8" x 3/4" approximately, and they have slots.

The slots were quite a challenge. First I drilled some holes, then I used a hand fretsaw to saw the slots. Given the size of the woodsies it wasn't easy to get a grip, and I cut my finger twice with the fretsaw. :p

I'm very happy with the result, so it was worth it. The porch is much sturdier now, and the woodsies are so much easier to glue to the porch floor.

From the album:

The Laurel

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Its good to see more pictures of your progress Marianne. This house is truly unique and the overall effect of the colour palette is so cheerful. What a great idea to insert little stands for your porch posts. I had - er have, the same problem with mine. They were fine until my husband helped me to lift the house but he grabbed the porch railings and now some bits are loose. I might try your technique - thanks

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Thank you so much, Jo. That's exactly what I wanted my Laurel to be, a cheerful happy house.

And it has the perfect shape for it. These colors wouldn't do for a Garfield or a Beacon Hill, which are grand and majestic.

The stands (why didn't I think of that word?) definitely contributed to the sturdiness of the porch. The other day I was thinking I might try a chisel next time to make the slots instead of a hand fretsaw. I used the fretsaw to cut a slot to the approximate size, and I used needle files to make them fit to each porch post individually.

Maybe it was because all porch posts were already painted, but the slot sizes varied per porch post.

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