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  1. Pat, maybe this can help you a bit. On the right side of the starting page there are three sections: "Recent Status Updates", "Recent Topics Added" and "Watched Content". For example: if you study the title "Recent Status Updates" you will notice a grey-ish circle and an 'x'. The grey-ish circle has a minus sign in it. If you click the minus sign all its content will collapse. You can do that with all three sections. I do that, because I find it easier on the eye when the page has less distractions. When you want to read the content of the section all you have to do is click the plus sign in the grey-ish circle. Yes, the minus sign in that circle changes automatically into a plus sign, indicating that if you click it its content will expand. I haven't really used the gallery yet, so nothing comes to mind about uploading photos.
  2. Nileke

    Lundby House

    Lundby house. My second vintage house.
  3. How about furniture kits? I never did any research on those, but you might have a better chance of them being manufactured in the countries you mentioned. If for whatever reason you don't build things from scratch, they might be an alternative. Or perhaps a miniature show. Twice a year there's a great miniature show in my area. Of course there are a lot of mass produced things at those shows, but there's also plenty of people who make and sell their own creations.
  4. Hi Carin, I love the colors of your half scale house. It's nice to see this house decorated differently (the exterior I mean, than the example on the box it comes in. Since I have the same half scale house, I had been looking on the internet for inspiration. What a pleasant surprise to see your version. Oh and the shutters are a nice touch. They make the rather straightforward exterior more interesting.
  5. Nileke

    My Little Stray

    So incredibly sweet of you to look after him like that. It warms my heart. I hope you still get to see him or hear how he's doing once he's gone to his new home. It would make the goodbye easier. I would've dearly loved to keep my Mom's cat Bobo, after she had her stroke. All his life he had been used to going outdoors every day, and at the time I lived in an apartment where going outdoors was no option. So I had to keep his best interest at heart and find him a new home. It was a tough decision to make. I'll pray that all goes well for this sweetie, and bless you for taking such good care of him.
  6. I had a look too, Linda. Mind you, it seems to me that the free shipping doesn't apply to dollhouse kits or additions for them. If you plan to order a dollhouse kit, I think it's safer to check with Dolls House Emporium first to be sure.
  7. Two books by Sue Heaser: 1. Making Doll's House miniatures in polymer clay. I have an Angie Scar book on polymer clay as well, but I found Sue's book easier for a newbie like me. I made some coffee mugs. Considering that I'm new at polymer clay, they turned out pretty good. 2. Dolls House Do It Yourself curtains. I haven't tried any curtains yet, but the photos and instructions appear to be very clear indeed. I find the way Sue Heaser writes easy to follow. One book by Beryl Armstrong, "How to make your Dolls House special", is a great book. There's a wealth of interesting techniques described, and totally inspiring. "Thirties and Forties Miniatures in 1:12 Scale", author Jane Harrop, is another book that I love. I haven't gotten around to making any items of it yet, but the book got a raving review in the Dolls House and Miniature Scene magazine. I have several other books, but I'm moving into a new house, and they're still in boxes.
  8. Nileke

    Cleo in the house!

    Great pic!!! I love it when pets take an interest at dollhouses, despite that occasionally stuff goes missing or some slight damage occurs. My two cats haven't done any real harm so far, but no surprise there, as only one of my dollhouses is furnished.
  9. Nileke


    Awesome combination of patterns and color. Well done, I love it!
  10. Nileke


    Oh my goodness, I love the spoons along those stairs! What a fun touch. A lovely house, and a great theme. Love it!
  11. Oh Rhonda, I'm so sorry to hear this. You've been through so much already last year. I'll be praying for you and your loved ones.
  12. Another option is to glue the wooden sticks to thin fabric. I bought a lovely cottage at a show last year from a British couple. They make true to life cottages in 1:24th scale. You can see in the pictures how they did the floor. It's a clever way to do a floor, because you don't need to glue it down. That makes for easy access if you want to electrify your house. It's also easily removed if you want a different floor at a later date. Edited: they used a fine weave fabric. I forgot to mention that.
  13. Good heavens, Sherry, I never knew. I'm grateful that you pointed that out, because I always assumed 'crafty' to be an adjective of 'craft'. It never crossed my mind to check my dictionary, because it seemed so obvious. Luckily I've never called anyone crafty yet, at least to my knowledge.
  14. They're on every surface available in my front room, back room, and bedroom. Well, there's the top of the filing cabinet and a low boy in the front room with nothing on them. Neither will be used for dollhouses, because they're lounge spots for my cats. Except for the Laurel, the rest of my dollhouses are smaller scales. I have 3 half scale dollhouses, and the rest of them is 1:18th. Two of them came with legs. Lucky for me, because I didn't need to find a surface to put them on. Drilling holes to put shelving up, is virtually impossible (drilling creates giant holes in the walls). Hence I have absolutely no room left for another dollhouse. Fortunately all of the ones I do have are a work in progress, so I won't have to worry about space for a long time. Again except for the Laurel, all my dollhouses open to the front. That also helped a lot for finding spots to put them on.
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