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My manly-man.jpg

My manly-man.jpg

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And this is our Trevor. He was turned into rescue by his breeder and came with a suitcase full of little quirks and fears and nervous behaviors. It took quite a while for him to trust us and relax and enjoy life.

He's our vocal one. He makes the strangest little sounds and if we copy his sounds back to him, he'll engage in conversation that eventually leads to him getting us to howl with him. And he screams like a banshee! I've never known any other kind of dog to do this, but Cresties do. He will scream these horrible, pitiful, frightening screams - as though he is being skinned alive if......the bath water is a tad too cool or you clip his nails.....or he doesn't want his face groomed......serious things like that! <_< There are a number of techs in my vet's office who will long remember Trevor's first nail trim there!! :p

He obsesses over little tiny stuffies and chewy toys, hiding them and covering them and worrying that one of the other dogs will see them. Such a goofball. And he's extremely food motivated. He will do anything you ask for dog treat....anything. He knows every single word we use that even remotely refers to food or treats or meals and comes running. But despite his many quirks, or maybe because of them, we just love him to death.

Here is our manly little man in his favorite princess pink fur bed :blink:

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I can tell he is well loved now and I am soooooooo happy to hear that he got such a wonderful new home :)

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