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So all interior walls are primed and it definitely speaks to me. I hope y'all see what I see. This space thrills me. I just have to expand the kitchen. Trying to figure that out today. 

The photo of the side has a black marker line. I want to cut that out. It's 3/8" MDF. What would be the best way to cut this out? I know ere is a conversation happening now with similar topic. 

Then, of course, I'm still struggling wi electricity. Do you all like miniatures.com and dollhouse supplies.com?

From the album:

Melissa & Doug Reno

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I didn't see these photos until now, I was wondering how you were coming along on the house!

I see you have already figured out how to remove the kitchen wall.

Today I sent my first order to miniatures.com. I've always heard good things about them on here.

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@kathi17 I was going to order with miniatures.com but dollhous supplies.com had a more varied selection of bulbs and accessories. I do like miniatures.com though. I have a wish list happening with them.

watcha order?

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I should have checked with dollhouse supplies I guess, because one of the things I ordered were LED bulbs so I can make some Japanese lanterns. All I could get were the ones for 9 volt batteries, but I really wanted some that worked with disc batteries. I also ordered more wax for keeping things temporarily in place and a pin vise for myself, plus the Orchid for my granddaughter, and some accessories for her and the other kids.

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@kathi17 Oh, that will be. Fun delivery. Dollhouse supplies has a good selection of light bulbs. I went to radio shack and they had a decent selection too. No flame bulbs but regular LEDs in many sizes and brightness

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I saw those bulbs at Radio Shack. One of the things my husband likes is RC tanks, and he bought a couple of lights for them there a few weeks ago. (He's always chasing me around the house with his tanks, it doesn't take much to amuse him!) :-D

I need to do more research on LED bulbs, since I know nothing about powering them or anything. I do know that I am going to try to keep my house as separate floors, (possibly using magnets instead of glue), so I can move it more easily in case I decide to take it to shows, so that means each floor will be wired separately. I will have access to all rear and exterior walls, floors and ceilings, so it should be pretty easy to add lights where I want them, and run wires between floors. If I get the ones that use disc batteries, I can mount those between floors. For the square batteries, I'll just have to build little boxes.

If I can keep the storeys separate, it should be easy to trouble shoot anything too.

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