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Need advice

MLI Designs

I finished up the brick work on one side. Still doing coats of paint to somewhat fill in cracks. I decided to paint the window frame inserts dark brown since my outdoor molding.

what do you think of the brown window inserts?

ok, so here's my questions........I have a couple.

#1 the interior is ready made with heavy duty paper. Glueing floor boards down is not a,problem but how would I prep these walls for paint? Taking the paper off is out. This is industrial type glue. 

I want to bash a small extension on the right side of the house to extend the kitchen. My biggest issues which I just thought about this morning is matching up roof shingles and Windows. I went looking like crazy for same window types. I found some very similar but both a little more than re detailed on the top. 

How do you match up when bashing?

#3 I'm thinking about possibly electrifying this house. Since I'm not into wallpaper, how do you hide the copper tape? And also for a house this size, what size transformer would I need? I was looking at the starter set from Hobby Lobby especially since I could use a coupon but would that be enough for ceiling lights in all rooms and foyers and table lamps, under cabinet lights, fireplace light?

thanks in advance

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You must never stop Michelle!.........and I've only logged on because I hate to see a lost soul..............as if!

1) If the paper is good and intact and you are not into wallpaper (and I mostly paint rather than paper) then paint it!

2) Where did 2 go?........got it.........So bash the windows but use the shingles you can get.......with a lot of real house renovations its not always possible!

3) So why use copper tape.........conventional wire gives you more flexibility, is easier to hide.....skirting boards, coving, underfloor etc and when you want to add then add and if you get a problem you can isolate easier..........by these remarks you may guess that all my builds are wire!......and you're right.

I'm going to enjoy 'Black Sails' series 3.........have fun and don't stay up all night!

Of course all of the above is open to discussion but that's where I'm at.

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@MikeUK, I know this is a lot tto ask of you but why do you prefer the Wire? 

Ive been researching online all day. Most of the videos and DIY tutorials with wire are of house that have a bad to the wall. So they hide all the wires in the back. My house will be viewed from front and back.

im thinking of buying all the stuff tomorrow but just not sure which way I should go

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