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Ticking stripe pillow in sateen with pillowcase


I've been working on getting a good scale ticking fabric in miniature. I uploaded my image to Spoonflower and ordered two test swatches. One is a cotton sateen and has a whiter base the cotton poplin. The yellowish cotton poplin would work well for older, vintage items while the whiter sateen would work well for new, fresh items.


I ended up with a good scale pattern but without the detail of true ticking fabric. It doesn't look bad, but it isn't what I was aiming for. Also, when I say "good scale" I mean it has good relative scale. It looks right even if it is still not exact 1:12 scale. Exact scale would likely lose all ticking detail and be a busier striped pattern.


I went back to the original image and now I await more test swatches to see if I can get better detail to the print. In the meantime, I decided to use the first round of test swatches for other minis. :D Nothing should go to waste!


I made two sets of pillows from the two types of ticking fabric...one set is crisp and white and the other set is vintage. I love the vintage look of a ticking stripe pillow. :D


The pillowcases for both are made from plain white cotton sateen. You can somewhat see the stripes through the fabric. For the yellowish poplin pillows, I left the reverse side out; for the whiter sateen pillows, I used the shiny side for the outside fabric. Each measures approximately 1.5" tall by 2" wide.


Looks like I didn't get the stripes matched up on one of them. Ah, well.

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About those stripes not matching ... when I shop these days, it drives me bonkers that the standards for tailoring, upholstering, and seamstress work are so low. Plaids and stripes rarely match, grains are going the wrong direction from each other, even patterns are upside down. Where is the pride in workmanship?

Thankfully, my kiddos all belong to 4H and are learning the right way to design and construct.

Now I do realize that, sadly, the front line men and women don't have much of a say in how they construct items any more due to the sweatshop mentality of the owners. But there in lies the real tragedy. And, what are we reaching the next generation about it all? Okay, off my soapbox.

Bottom line is, Brae, your pillows match real life!!

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