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Close up of the bed


Yep, that's a Playboy on the table by the phone.

From the album:

The Magnolia

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I have never done a modern house. I seem to be stuck anywhere from 1857 to the late 40's. I love what you have done with this. The stairs are unique and just go with the decor. I lived in Silicon valley, San Jose for about 17 years. Your house is really different. You did a wonderful job.


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Just love the modern treatment of your 'Magnolia'. I have one that is still a UFO. The 'story' I have created for it has changed half a dozen times, and had finally decided to set it in contemporary era, so I was really interested in your interpretation. It is such a nice change. You have done such a good job of it, well done! :p

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Hey Deb,

Thank you for building and displaying this lovely house. I have always loved this house and bought a fully built one from HobbyLobby years ago. I have done nothing with it beside house my cat in it at her will. I love the modern take on the house and thing you did an "excellent" rendition of this house. I have decided to modernize my house also, and to branch out into the house of my dreams, rather than stay with the tried and true. I too, have a bachelor house at www.picturetrail.com/delores925, called the Coventry dollhouse. He too has a pool table, chalk and all. Thanks again!

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