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Barbie Dolls


Barbie Dolls
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For some reason people keep giving me trashed Barbie dolls and other types of dolls they run across while dumpster diving or randomly finding them.

They are always dirty, naked and with horribly abused hair.   I'm not into dolls at all....but I do love restoring beat up things so I've added this to my list of hobbies.   I have about 50 dolls so far, so I'm just getting started.....


Barbie dolls may not be dollhouse miniatures but I did such a good job restoring them.....recreating them.....I was hoping somebody in here might appreciate the work I did.   No worries though,  just like all my albums that no one sees, I would honestly be so surprised if somebody stumbled upon my gallery.....if anyone ever does  I hope you enjoy my albums!  :o)

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You are an artist! Your canvas is just 3D instead of flat. Just like with aging, I think redoing a doll face and hair is a tslent some people have and others dont. I don't so I appreciate yours all the more!

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