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Adding The Roof Trim & Dormers

Minis On The Edge



At first I looked at the dormer sides and thought I must have been crazy cause I could not figure out how they went



Well after looking at the INSTRUCTIONS which I had put aside cause I had decided I did not need them anymore ( :whistle: That's what I get Huuh, I still need them :) ) , I figured it out and Ohh How I love the dormers and trime and all. This house has a lot of charecter!!

The Curved part sits right on the roof


Then you add the front part


I also added my own trim to the roof




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Tracy, I'm so glad you're back to working on the Lily. I've been anxiously waiting to see how it turns out with the paperclay exterior. Right now I can't visualize it, I'm sure after you finish I'm going to wish I had done it to mine ;)

The dormers did take a minute or two to figure which way to turn them ;)

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;) Peggi, I will be adding new shots today Got sidetracked by real life stuff fo r a moment ;) Those dormers threw me through a loop I had a long Duhhhh Moment :)

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I appreciate your dormer pictures, these blogs will be an enormous help when I get ready to build this kit. I'm glad to hear the mansard sections are scored,

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