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Minis On The Edge



This house has been sitting in my garage since my last post because We were trying to sell our home. Well, we took it off the Market for now because this is my busy season and I HAVE to finish this house BEFORE I move cause I promised the buyer that I would!!

Well, I felt some of the trim is a bit plain so to add some detail I bought some wood strips from Hobby Lobby with a nice design on it. I then went through LOTS of it trying to miter the ends correctly :whistle:

I also changed the trim color because the Green was not moving me and I don't Think Roberta who is the owner of this house was in love with the color either (Though she never said she was or wasn't).


I have been making some Architectual detailed items to add to this house and so now, I am adding more lights and things so that I will ONLY have to add the clay :) Here is where I am so far and this blog will be updated Daily now :)

blog-4-1160840761_thumb.jpg blog-4-1160840778_thumb.jpg blog-4-1160840799_thumb.jpg

The roof popped in very easily. The roof parts were preforated (sp?) so they did bend easily for me. The roof trim was easy to figure out it's the Verge Board trims that keeps leaving me guessing :p . Never leave off a project without writing good detail notes about where you left off ;)



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