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It has a roof

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Well in the southern area , where this house is, the rain began to fall. This immediately caused the roof to rust. How ever on a good note, it also helped the plants grow. You can see Spot the guard "dog", in his favorite spot under the porch. (You can tell him, he's not a dog if you like, I'm not gonna do it). Hattie started hanging a few curtains to brighten the place up a bit.blog-317-1127525963_thumb.jpg IN the front yard on the right side you can see a young tree. It was made from a small tree form and leaves from one of those long vine wreaths you can get at the dollar store. The leaves for the tree in the distance also came from one of those. You can see Spot's tail sticking out, wagging and hoping for a visitor.blog-317-1127525918_thumb.jpgThis is my first attempt to make spanish moss, (something I have never seen in real life), I hope I did ok with it. You can see some of the shrubs the rain helped grow. The path is still being worked on. It will lead to the "Greenhouse" , Where Hattie grows her magical and poisionus plants.blog-317-1127525944_thumb.jpgThis picture is here just because Darrell likes the red checked curtains and "spot" so much. He has helped me weave such a story about this house.blog-317-1127525895_thumb.jpg The stairs are in, but I am not taking pictures untill I finish decorating. I noticed on these pictures, I forgot to put a door knob on the front door and a handle on the screen door.Compliments of DarrellandMelissa

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It really is perfect!

I can see it sitting in the byou...I can see miss Hattie singing while she makes her concoctions of things to sell those who come looking for her.

what a great job such talent to see it in the mind and bring it out for all to see!!

nutti :)

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Everything looks Perfect!!! You did a Spectacular Job on this house. I LOVE the Alligator under the house too. You have so much talent! Thank you for sharing with us all!

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