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1-30-07 My Emerson Row

Ms. Mini



Well tonight was the first time Ive actually worked on my Emerson Row in a week. And it was very happy to get some attention! Last night Caleb and I were looking at it, and talking about what can be added to the house. The houses name is now called "The White Dove" the arch window above the entry doorway will be a staineglass window with a dove with an olive branch in its mouth. I will be adding a staircase that leads from the 2nd floor to the 3rd floor. and then (here comes the good part) I'm going to make stairs that lead from the 3rd floor to the roof!!! :blink: Im going to get an iron bar type fence and line it all along the edges of the flat part of the roof. And wa la! you have a deck! I thought this would be a cool little touch, and I'll put maybe a patio table and chairs up there. The rooms will be:

The Right Room on the 3rd floor will be the bathroom

The Left room on the 3rd floor will be the library/parlor

Both rooms on the 2nd floor will be guest rooms

The left room on the 1st floor will be the reception/check in area

The right room on the 1st floor will be the dinning area

The left side of the basement will be the kitchen

The right side of the basement will be the wine cellar.

So thats the plan... Also I have chosen "Hunter Green" for the main color of the house, and "Antique White" for the window trims.

So tonight I finished attaching the roof....



I used blue tape to hold the edges tightly in place. And I used wood glue to bond it together.


After that I began to work on my side paneling again.


I forgot how time consuming this is :banana: ... so i only did a little bit of it tonight. I just did enough to finsih the basement level.

thats it for now! not much progress tonight, but at least the entire shell is together now!! :wub:




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