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Siding and Stone work

Ms. Mini



Wow its been awhile since I updated my blog!! I honestly took about a 3 week break from my E.R. when I was working on my heart arbor entry. But over the past 2 weeks I have added sidding and just did my first bit of stone work with paper clay!

The siding was SOOO easy to do with the Emerson Row, besides all the windows in the frotn I had to cut around :ohyeah: This is my 2nd house I have added siding to, the first was my willowcrest.


The entry was kind of a pain, but with a little paitients I was able to get the look I wanted.


In total the front took about 3 hours, not bad if you ask me. The willowcrest I had to do in several sittings because there was SO much to side!


Then it was on to the left side! which was very easy might i ad because there was no windows and it was a straight surface! LOVED IT!



I would say that side took about an hour to complete. ... I ran out of siding after this side so I had to place an order with hbs.com to get the rest that I needed. So I'm still waiting for those to be delivered. While I was waiting for the siding I decided to go ahead and attempt some paper clay stone work! and Im pretty pleased with the results! I honestly have to give total credit to tracy though. without her blog tutorial and all the pictures of her beautiful houses i wouldnt have been able to do this!

I started out coating the surance of the gable with elmers wood glue... let it get a little sticky and then started rolling out some paper clay! Then just piece by piece added clay to cover the entry surface of it!


after I covered the entire surface I just started sculpting stones! very easy to do, and I had a whole bunch of clay tools that caleb gave me for xmas that I used. It was alot of fun.



and thats it for progress right now! today I plan to do the stone work on the other gable and then prim the siding!!!



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the siding looks wonderful...I am contimplating my first try with siding

and I think your stonework is wonderful!

did you remember to stiple the clay before making your stones?

just wonderful!

nutti :wave:

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thanks nutti! yep i sure did :wave: i did it after I took this photo though. Next time im going to do it before I put it on the gable. put this time i did it after I did all the stone work...

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