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  1. congrats on the 5lbs lost heidi! i LOVE silk! I drink it all the time!
  2. Yay! im SO glad Thumper arrived safely! enjoy your time with her! she is a great little bunny
  3. your welcome let me know how it goes
  4. also: if you do go with yoga.. target has some really nice yoga matts for 19.99. thats where i got mine. And walmart has the 2 pack foam bricks that yoga dvds use for 9.99. and you can get the yoga stech belt for about 3 bucks at both stores i think those are the good starter tools for yoga!
  5. Good morning Heidi I am a avid dvd work out person. I have a few good types for you... I started out with Tae bo. But its pretty fast paced. but ALOT of fun. I have over 27 of billy blanks tae bo dvds to my collection. Also my new favorite work outs are by Leslie Sansone. http://www.lesliesansone.com/ She has GREAT work outs. And i think the reason why i like them so much is because they are broken down into miles. So a 1 mile, 2 mile, 3 mile, etc. dvd i feel like i was more productive in saying i just did "3 miles" she has 4 core moves that are very easy to learn. Its not crazy like most of
  6. Good morning everyone Thumper is on her way to her last stop! we said our goodbyes this morning and off she went! the tracking # is 0103 8555 7492 7186 5367 We had a great time with Thelma! thank you all for the get well wishes! im doing ok. its been hard working because i work upstairs and have to go up and down alot. but im taking medicine and im on 2 weeks with no excercise per the docs orders. Teresa i'll email you the pics tonight
  7. Great photo Suzy!! You did a great job!! And congrats for earning 500!!!! you should be very proud
  8. wow! what great photos! you should be VERY proud!!!
  9. Great Link Nutti! I just sent two cards out
  10. LOL Steve! Thelma and Thumper took lots of pictures together last night! Thelma showerd her around the willowcret and introduced her to the "Darling" family. She even brought her over to the Emerson row and the tennyson that are currently unders construction. I apologize for not getting the pics up last night. Im having a hard time walking around this week! i injured my hip flexier and have been hobbling around! After I get home from the doctors tonight I will send Teresa the pics! And I will make sure Thumper leaves tomorrow for her last hosts house with a full tummy and a smile on her face
  11. Lots of pics tonight Thelma is showing Thumper around the Willowcrest today! im sure they are having a great time right now while im stuck here at work!! :welcome:
  12. Thumper is here! shes here shes here! She was waiting for me when i got home last night! I will post pictures tonight!!!
  13. Ms. Mini

    Thank You

    im so proud of you suzy! i think thats awesome that you walked for the cure!!!
  14. yes i love the frosty background it was my fav last year too!!
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