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Putting on the Porch




My wallpaper is now COMPLETELY done, although I am not real happy with it. It is not one of my better jobs .... As of now I'm leaving the stair case out, because I can't find what I did with some of the stair treads...


Time to put the porch posts on the house. Because I bricked the house and the little slots are NOT going to fit in there, I cut the slots off the back side of the porch railing. I'm gluing these on with white glue, but I'm also using a little technique that Rik Pierce taught me. I put the white glue on the back of the rails, and a good dab on the bottom, and then I take SuperGlue and put one TINY drop on the bottom ends and two TINY drops on the back of the railing that goes against the house. The point of doing that is to instantly bond the rails to where they need to go and to hold them in place while the white glue dries completely.


Then comes the front door. I'm not making this to where it will open, and I'm just gluing it in. I still need to put the door knobs on.


Then comes the upper railing, and I'm still using white glue. Actually, once I've painted something, I almost always use white (Elmers) glue. On the very top of the upper railing only (where it meets the house) I put three TINY drops of Superglue to hold it while it dries.


I've got a gap on this, probably where there is wood putty on the house so I'm not getting a flush fit. I'll have to run a piece of wood behind it and then I'll have Jimmy run some caulk in it. I'll get him to wait so I can take pictures of what we do to fix that. Not that I know HOW to fix it, LOL, I just have an idea in my head.


And now we're ready for the roofer! Oh Jimmy! Where are you?!


Hey Nutti, why is it that every time I pick up a can of blue paint I think of you?

Compliments of LPCullen



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Hey Nutti, why is it that every time I pick up a can of blue paint I think of you?

I really cant imagine why :lol:

I love the look you acheived with this house! it looks like a doctors office or a library

its nice!

nutti :idiot:

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