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First Steps of the Emerson Row!

Ms. Mini



Well I started working on my Emerson Row this weekend :wub: I didnt get to take step by step pics because i let my mom borrow my camera over the weekend. but i did just take a few pics of what ive done so far...

I started out taking each piece out and sorting them in labled zip lock baggies. Punching out the pieces was a dream, everything was in excellent coniditon. The only problem I had was punchign out the hall stair railing. I ended up having to do ALOT of mending to that piece.... :blink: I am electrifying this house so i will not be putting in wallpaper or hardwood floorings until after I run the tape wire. I have decided this will be a more modern house. San Fran style and the entire exterior will be side paneled i havent decided what the color theme is yet. but i know once "she" will speak to me soon enough :wub:

I am using elmers wood glue to put the main pieces together and its working just fine, no mending needed at all! :banana:




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I wish I had known I should have done that. My ER almost had to go to the ER after all the hammering and swearing that went on here this morning.

I thought I was going to end up calling Dean for a new piece! ROFL

Looking good! :lol:

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