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"The Shell" (Emerson Row)

Ms. Mini



So tonight I got most of the shell put together. I swear i keep saying this over and over but this house has been a dream to put together so far!

I started out gluing the left side of the house down, i layed it down on its side and put some books on it to dry for about 10 mins.


after that I attached the right side of the house and did the same thing. Next I attached the 2nd floor!


then i realized i made a mistake. i glued the hall walls upside down!! ahhh!! so since my glue is glued down realy well i could not remove the pieces without breaking them :blink: SO! I just cut off the tabs and wa la! presto! it is fixed!! lol So i added some extra glue where the tabs use to be to make sure it stayed secure.


Everythings just coming together so smoothly. I just cant get over that. Im starting to love this house more and more!!

After the glue dried a little longer i attached the 3rd floor base, and just like the others it fit perfect. i have glued this down all the way yet because im trying to correct some of the warping on the left side.

I added some more glue to secure the left side base down and but a punch of books over it for the night to try to straighten out that side some.


and at last here is one more pic of the front!


thats all for now :banana: tomorrow im hoping to get some more done!



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I am glad you had an ez time of it.

I guess I shouldnt completely go by the instructions!

I have to take the oldest out to school for her mid-terms and then I am going to work on something else... Maybe the windows.

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