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The front door (Willowcrest)

Ms. Mini


Today was a fun filled mini day! i got lots of new goodies! First off i went over to my moms tonight and she suprised me with a mini gift! She bought me a mini sushi set off ebay from hong kong! i love it! here is a pic of it inside my willowcrest kitchen :(



Then when I got home I was happy to see that my HBS package arrived!!! :banana::blink:

I got my Chrysnbon Stove kit which will be going in the willowcrest kitchen. since the kitchen is so small i plan to put the stove where the tile fireplace is. I havent decided this 100 percent yet. but if i like it there i will just take the mantel off the fireplace and put the stove over it, i think it woulod look just fine :)


Next it was time to glue the new crystal door knobs i ordered on to the front doors and to attach them to the house! :wub:



The front of the house feels very complete now. Im very happy with how the front door turned out. Now here are a few more pics....




Thats all for now :wub:

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Hi Jenny!

Your Willowcrest is coming along beautifully. I love your front hall/livingroom wallpaper! I also got the Chysnbon stove for my Willowcrest, and can't wait to put it together. Since I inherited a RL stove that looks amazingly like it when we bought this old farmhouse, I've decided to add some of the 'chrome' touches to my mini, so it resembles that one.

I'm still working on the house, but am hoping to start putting in some finishing touches by next week. Don't know if it will work out that way, but I'm trying.

Have a great day!


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