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Wow... the exterior is almost done (Willowcrest)

Ms. Mini



I honestly think I've lost my mind.. it seems like i will "finish" for the day.. then 30 mins later I go back to my work bench and start working more :wub: I did alot of work. This morning I started of staining the rest of the interior window frames and attached the windows the the house.


Next I turned the house around and did some work on the 3rd floor. As I mentioned in another blog entry, I lost the piece that closes up the 2nd story stair. SO i had to make my own.. i think it looks ok what do you think?


Then I decided to do a little more detail work to the arch... This took ALOT of time and ALOT of paintence. But in the end.. i think it was worth it :(


also i decided to paint the roof a darker color. it needs another coat but I can tell already that its made a huge difference. I cant wait for my hbs delivery to come in tomorrow so i can finish the front door. then after that.. its time to finish the interior!!!

its hard for me to believe that this house is almost done. :banana:


well ... I went back and worked on it some more :blink: dang house is very impatient. but then again Its taken me 8 months now to build her. So I know she wants to come "to life" already. I went with a dark walnut color with a redish tint for the front door. I wanted it to be a different color than the rest of the exterior stain (plantation walnut)


I figured i might as well stain the door tonight so it can dry. then tomorrow i can do all the fun stuff to it (door knobs, window, mail slot) The top roof is dry. I will put one more coat of paint on it tomorrow. Then do the chimney. touch up the white trim on the very top. and the exterior is good to go! :wub:




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you cant stop because you are sooo close!

you are compelled to stay with it till its done.

seems perfectly normal to me.

I really cant say enough how Beautiful your house turned out!

LOVE it!

nutti :)

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