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"Simply Beautiful" (The Willowcrest)

Ms. Mini


Hello again :blink:

Well I dont feel like typing much so this blog will mostly be pictures :( I did ALOT of touch up and detail work on the exterior tonight and last night. Last night I finished all the shingle staining. Today I attached trims and did painting. On monday my HBS order should be here. Then I can finally attach the front door. Im waiting on my 2 crystal door knobs and my mail slo and the building numberst. So hopefully monday night I will be able to complete the front of the house :banana:

Here is a pic before i painted the strip of blue on the trim..


and here it is all painted :)



Tonight Caleb came in to see how I was doing. And was very quite and was just staring at the house. When I asked him what was wrong. he told me that nothing was wrong it was just that my house was "simply beautiful" and he told me how proud of me he was. So thats all the good praise i need right there. Him saying that made my whole year :wub:

on that note im gonna go to bed :wub:


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