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The Roof! (The Willowcrest)

Ms. Mini



Well tonight my Willowcrest was calling me.. So I gently put my WO aside and starting playing around with her.. seeing what I wanted to "work" on tonight :wub:

SO I decided I needed to get my butt in gear with that roof! ive been avoiding it for too long! So I started out giving 2 coats of paint...


Tomorrow I will add the brick work to the chimney and I will re paint the white trim..

After that I decided to start staining.!!!

I spent about an hour and 30 mins doing one full side and one side of the front. I think its coming out really nice. In the pics it looks a little glossy and thats just because they arent dry yet. the stain is a dark walnut color and its the same stain i used to do the porch and the top of the proch :blink:


after that i decided i needed to get rid of the chimeny in the upstairs room. it was just taking away to much space! so I started to saw away!!!

1/2 through:blog-505-1167969430_thumb.jpg

After:blog-505-1167969506_thumb.jpg I still need to stain the open ceiling space and hang the lights. SO it will look better over time :wub:

Also tonight I added the brick trim to the base of the house itself. I didnt finish i just did the front part so i could tell if i liked it or not.. it looks a little shiny in the camera but in person it looks pretty good.


So thats all for tonight :banana: hopefully tomorrow after work I will finish staining I then move on to painting the rest of the trims.

Night night,




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Hi Jenny, I love the stain color you used on the roof! You are making some great progress on the house!

Good idea to get rid of the chimney, i think i will do the same thing with mine when i eventually build it!

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uuuggg I hated all the space the chimney took up!

didnt put mine in either.

and as I hadnt found this forum yet I used a peice of poster board to cover the ceiling.

still there too!

your house is simply beautiful!

nutti :)

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