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2010 Sturbridge Miniature Festival, Massachusetts

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Guest Nathaniel
Thanks for sharing your pictures Nathaniel... your bespaq sofa sets look pretty darn sweet!

How many shows are there typically in MA each year? I really need to read up on this stuff (and start saving my pennies for when I do actually attend :woohoo: )

I only know of about 3 shows a year in MA, one in the fall in Dedham at the Holiday Inn, and then another at teh Holiday Inn in the Spring, and then the one at Sturbridge in early June each year. I save all year round so I can splurge at these 3 shows! ;)

How did I miss this thread? It was I Nathaniel who met you at the show. I stopped at Sherri's table a couple of times but she was busy.

Sorry I didn't get to meet the rest of you, I didn't realize there were others there from the show. I liked looking this year and I usually

go around the whole thing a couple of times. Seems like less people this year at least in the morning. Last year I got annoyed because

it was 3 deep at most tables and I had to pass on stuff because it was just to crowded.

Maybe we should organize a meet and greet at Earth and Tree some weekend.

Hello! It was nice to meet you! I would love to meet at Earth and Tree sometime, but its SUCH a long drive for me, at least 2 hours! I only went once for their annual sale. I will probably go again next year (early May I assume) for their next annual sale.

Did you get some goodies at Sturbridge? I sure did! :mellow:

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