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  1. heartnsoule


    This is completely stunning!! The space looks so real!!
  2. heartnsoule


    So cute with that little Pikachu in there!!! Looks great!
  3. Jennifer, this house just blows my mind. You DEFINITELY have a gift! Thanks so much for the inspiration! I'm just loving looking at the photos over and over. I
  4. Jennifer did you make the lighting fixture we see to the right?
  5. Are you kidding???? This is AMAZING!
  6. Jennifer this house is STUNNING!!! so atmospheric and beautiful. You have a real gift!
  7. I always say, More is More. This is gorgeous!!! Beautiful job, I love the colors and the flourishes. I'm afraid to try draping fabrics, yours look awesome!
  8. I think I'll show this to my husband and blow his mind!!
  9. heartnsoule

    Living Room

    Oh. My. Gosh. I am building a Glencroft right now. THIS IS AMAZING!!! I looked at first photo and thought, must be a custom house... Oh, I love it! It's stunning!!
  10. Thresa, I totally understand re: the SF 555. I am back to working on mine; I started the build in 1996. I'm sure yours will not take this long. Yes, it is a LOT of cutting, trimming, planning, fitting, switching back and forth between pieces...but I found it to be worth it in the end. That's not to say that I'd build it again, though! I was in Hobby Lobby last week and witnessed a dad buy a Painted Lady for his 8- or 9-year old daughter; he was fretting about putting it together but it's one of the RGT ones and I told him he could do it!!! SO MUCH EASIER!!! You will learn a LOT from this build. Also, it's a very pleasantly proportioned house when it's done. I have spent the last few days constructing newel posts and gluing all the spindles to my staircases. Today I'll be laying the wood floors so hopefully I can install the staircases next week. Feels good to be working on it again; maybe I can get the furniture out of storage and into the house! The twenty-year project continues.
  11. I think you scored with this house! Love it.
  12. heartnsoule


    Thank you! I needed to improve them somehow.
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