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This is Keiko, a red point Siemese. He's my room inspector and supervisor. Took me almost 3 years to figure out his breed. He was a rescue kitty, the momma cat was hit by a car when he was so small his ears weren't even open yet. Bottle fed him myself. I've always described him to people as more dog then cat. Guards the entrance to my art room and has the weirdest meow. Lost his voice too when he was a kitten and it never came back quite like the other cats.

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I have a dog cat too :) He's an old orange tom cat that just showed up one day and decided not to leave. He likes to go out and nose around the yard but if you call him he comes running just like the dogs. Begs for food something awful too :)

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LOL Keiko will come running to if I call him. Leila is the one who begs for food though. They are some huge cats. When I hold Keiko straight, his head next to mine his feet will dangle by my knees if not past them. I'm only 5' though so who knows maybe they are small? He's a hugger, when I pick him up he nuzzles his head into my neck and wraps both front paws around my neck and back paws around my waist.

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