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Fireplace Tutorial

Ms. Mini


Well I wanted to get a warm, kind of hispantic feel for my kitchen fireplace. I dont know why because this house is definitley not that style house, but thats what the house was "saying" to me, so I had to do it. lol

I started staining and gluing together the small fireplace that came with the house. After that I went to Michaels and bought 2 bags of tile. The come with 25 pieces each and its only 2.99 per bag. Very inexpensive which I LOVE. I chose to go with a gray and faded purple.


I started out glueing one of each color over and over again to forum a tile patter down the side of the wall.


unfortunatly i started getting a little uneven butin the end i think it went ok, i just added a little bit of staining to hide it.


once the tile was in place and the fireplace was attached i went ahead and decided to cover the fireplace with tile as well. It seemed like it had something missing and I feel this did the trick :)



so that is what it looked like complete! then on to adding some detail. I installed the mantel and then hung the copper holder and cups over it. And then added a gold picture frame above it.


after that I added a sunflower, because the theme of the kithen is going to be "sunflowers'


I think im going to replace the picture frame with a clock. I think one of those "sun clocks" spanish style would look great there. im going to keep my eyes open for one of those. Or i may just make one myself? that would work! that picture frame was going to have a picture of the house, edited old fashion style. I plan to put that picture and frame over the fireplace that will be in the living. Im in the process of making a fence to go over the fireplace right now, once that is complete I will add the final picture to this blog.

Thats all for now :whistle:


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