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I have not made much progress from last time due to the Holidays but we did manage to decorate for Christmas night.

I am not finished but as for the build Im not far from it.


the porch roof is on. it is also painted now but I havent taken those photos.


the front of the house as it looked before painting the the roof.

I had the poor empty house pushed against the wall before our party Christmas eve. but as I had lots of good help from daughter and neice we were ready 2 hours before time. so they took it upon them selves to decorated the house.

said I had worked on it to hard not to decorate it and show it off.

so with out all the window trim and inside trim or the drawers it was displayed

and it was a BIG hit!

Thanks to Catriona and RubyFay!


this is not the final vision but it is real close. I have alot more stuff to go in here but for now this is what it looks like. I will put it back on my workbench after the New Years eve party.


got lots of goodies for in here. but displayed are some wonderful swaps and the stove and dry sink I made.


still more to put in here but the decorating is finished

unless I put in base boards.


ooohhhh I love how this room is coming together.

there will be a vanity(is waiting for me to make) not sure what the bay will have in it but this is how it is now.


this room is the one that has more work to be done. I have red fringe for the top. wrapping paper is not for wallpaper! it really wrinkles.

in the attic it was not so bad but in this room it is very noticable...but we wont tell the owners...dont want to hurt their feelings.

also note the tree it is a fiber optic battery run tree and the battery's were still going strong after 2 days. this was a gift from a friend of mine who just recently got into miniatures.


this was how I wanted the tower room to look!

I used my silver glitter paint on the windows giving them a frosted look. I like the effect!

I didnt take a photo of the larger attic areas...not much to see at the time. it has since become the home to my M&M guys and their train.

out of scale but very cute.

we have come to the end of the Christmas photos.

I hope to finish sometime this next week. or the week after. who knows what will happen B)

there are 3 dolls displayed in the house given to me by Kathy(friend) and Ruby(SIL) just in case they come in here and read! hiya girls!

I hope you enjoy the photos.

nutti ;)


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