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a little interior progress



While waiting for Darrel to have some time to attach the porch to the house, I worked on decorating the inside. I took LOTS of pics and here are a fewI added curtains and a shower rod and curtain in the bathroomblog-361-1136843579_thumb.jpgI had purchased this set from Ebay because it would fit in the kitchen with just minimal alteration, since I took the door out.blog-361-1136843676_thumb.jpgI took the basic sink unit and changed it by adding some faux marble scrapbook paper.blog-361-1136843787_thumb.jpgblog-361-1136843810_thumb.jpgThe stove section was also covered in that paper. I used some faux brushed stainless steel paper for the stovetop and Darrell fashuioned a stove hood. I also added a shef inside the oven made from painted plastic canvas. Darrell aslo electrified this unit with 2 grain of wheat bulbs, so the range hood and oven would light.blog-361-1136843834_thumb.jpgblog-361-1136843874_thumb.jpgThis is the cabnets in placeblog-361-1136843904_thumb.jpgLast pic is of the cabnets lit. I had trouble getting the picture to come out rightm but you can get the idea.Melissa

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