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We have not progressed as much as we would like in the last few weeks. Here is some of what we have done.I took some of the left over crown molding that I used in the living room and painted it a contrast trim color and placed a piece at the bottom of the window sill on all the outside windows for a little extra detail.blog-361-1135793586_thumb.jpgThis is the design I decided upon for the stained glass windows in the front door. I also thought the house needed a splash of color on the outside, to make it less dreary looking. The door has not been installed yet.blog-361-1135793626_thumb.jpgthis is the transperancy for the living room bay windows. My printer died after printing this so we had to get a new printer, just installed it yeaterday. I can print again yeah.blog-361-1135793664_thumb.jpgI sure hope I can dedicate some time to the house soon, It is so sad to see it just sitting there waiting for attention.Melissa


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