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September 15, 2005



I spent some of the morning picking up itsy bits of sandpaper off of the floor when the pan I had the leftovers in spilled; then I spent the rest of the morning cutting out more of them. I glued the first course of "bricks" across the bottom edge of the front opening and then up & down from there. Going around the corners was interesting. After that "bricking" the back was easy-peasy.

Cutting the tiny bits of sandpaper stressed the arthritis in my hands, so for breaks I Installed the left wall and the partial left and right back walls, and papered the lower partial right back wall.


Once more the finished "brickwork" glowed with more-than-Oriental splendor; a raw umber wash followed by drybrushing white onto the damp surface & blotting it with a soft rag did the trick <_< I installed the back and as soon as the surround is dry I can install it.


I've been studying Patricia King's Dolls' House Fireplaces & Stoves to see which one I'd like to make for the niche; so far a modified "Gillette Oven" is in the lead.

complements of havanaholly


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