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10.) It’s looking like a home



If I keep this up, my little people are getting closer to a "Certificate of Occupancy"--The exterior – the chimney and the rear roof are unfinished. The porch needs columns. The balcony needs some posts connecting the railings. I am using the Greenleaf railings. For the picture, I simply taped the railings to the balcony.--The Living room windows have some green and yellow stained glass at the top but the green looks as if is behind the glass – I don’t know why.blog-242-1126871946_thumb.jpg blog-242-1126872062_thumb.jpg blog-242-1126872165_thumb.jpg --Looking at the kitchen bay and den windows. The only other coloring in the window glass is in the kitchen and den windows – red, white and blue.blog-242-1126872247_thumb.jpg--Full interior view. The stairs will have railings on both sides. The first floor walls are painted a soft yellow and the trim is a bright yellow. The floors, except for the bathroom, are HBS random pine. The first floor will need more supports. blog-242-1126872353_thumb.jpg--The kitchen – the sink will be “built” into the bay. The counter work space is a shop counter and will be painted white.blog-242-1126872667_thumb.jpg--The living room – the buffet under the stairs is the bottom of a Michael’s hutch. It will be stained pecan or painted white. The stairs are not finished.blog-242-1126872870_thumb.jpg--The den – the hall door to the den (and bedroom) are narrow doors from Classics. I had to build out the walls so I could insert them. The desk is a soft maple color but looks very red in the photo. I have a sofa and chair on order, but Craft Club is having difficulty getting it – so I may have to find something else. The red, white, and blue wallpaper is scrap book paper from Michaels, as is the “sky” paper for the ceiling.blog-242-1126872989_thumb.jpg--The bath is done in a beach motif, since this is a beach cottage. The ceiling tile in the bath and the hall is painted sky blue. The bath will have a “rim” of wall around it – this is where the wall and the bathroom door would be. The hall paper (Michael’s again) has to be finished. There is an error in the stairwell. I cut the opening for the stairs too narrow so that two banisters don’t fit. The one next to the wall will have to be sanded flat on one side and glued to the wall when it reaches the second floor. Yuk ….blog-242-1126873751_thumb.jpg blog-242-1126873216_thumb.jpg--The bedroom also opens to the balcony to catch the ocean breezes. The walls and ceiling are painted a sky and clouds blue. I was going to put a fireplace in the bedroom, but it may take too much space.blog-242-1126873332_thumb.jpg--Just another view -- The living room rug is from DHEmp; the bedroom rug from a local dollhouse shop.blog-242-1126873451_thumb.jpg<_< Complements of judith


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