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September 14, 2005



I painted the closet wall trim red and installed the doorknob on the closet door.

I papered the staircase wall and applied the trim after finishing giving it two coats of the red paint.

I then painted the banister portion of both sides of the center partition white. When it was dry I painted the lower fourth of the livingroom wall hunter green. When that was dry I applied a wallpaper border mural to that wall.


I then papered the other side of the center partition to match the staircase wall & closet wall. The paper has scattered clusters of wee strawberries. I've used this paper before in some other houses because it's such jolly kitchen paper :blink:

I installed the staircase & staircase wall, but not before performing reductive surgery on the trim and using many *magic* words.

I then removed and prepped the left wall; said prep included applying paper for the downstairs portion.

At this point I must digress with another observation. The box shows a picture of a chimney, but there are no fireplaces evident inside this house. So I shall finally get to tackle making something I've been threatening myself with the next time I was very bad, making a chimneybreast. I figured with all those *magic* words now was as good a time as any.

I began before papering the left wall by measuring and marking off a 4" wide space in the center of the wall and papered the rest of the wall on either side of this space.


I then cut a piece of card 3.5"x8.0" and drew grout lines 1/4" apart across it because I shall use some of those sandpaper "bricks" left over from the Glencroft.

I cut out two pieces of foamboard 1.0"x8.0" and one piece 4.0"x8.0"; from this last piece I cut an opening centered from the bottom that was 3.0"x5.5".

I then measured a piece of card 6.5"x8.0" and drew grout lines as before. I then cut two pieces of it 1.25"x8.0" to cover the sides once I had glued the front onto them. I also cut a 4.0"x8.0" piece from the card but this time the opening I cut was 2.5"x5.25"; from the corners of this opening I made diagonal cuts at the top of this opening and scored them lightly with the knife so I had 0.25" folds to cover the cut ends inside.

At this point I cut two 8" lengths of 1/4" square dowel and glued a length to one edge of each 1"x8" piece of foamboard. I then glued each 1"x8" piece to an outer edge of the back of the 4"x8" piece; now I have a chimneybreast with reinforced front corners. I primed the back of it and glued the 4"x8" piece of card to the front of the 4"x8" piece of foamboard, folding along the scores to "face" the opening. I then glued on the side pieces of card.


This is where the kitchen range will go. At the moment I'm thinking of some type of shelves on either side, under the windows; or not... Anyway, I expect the next day or so will find me at the diningroom table cutting & gluing little bricks <_< :o

complements of havanaholly


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