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September 13, 2005



I remembered all the prior contortions of assembling stairs in the dark days before I got my gluing jig as I set up to do the stair assembly in the jig.


First I stacked the treads & risers into sets of six and put them in the vise and sanded them so that all four edges of each one were smooth, even & all the same size, TA-DA! I glued the risers on and then the treads. Then I gave the steps a final coat of walnut stain.


While the staircase was drying I took some very skinny craftsticks and cut them to make trim for the kitchen closet door & wall so I can use my infamous chamois "hinges". I painted the door white and when it was dry I glued on three of the trim pieces and the hinges, then the fourth piece of trim. When it was all dry I masked all the non-trim parts with the blue painter's maskingtape that's supposed to be so great and CAREFULLY painted the trim RED , two coats. When it was all very throughly dry & I removed the tape I went back with a damp cloth & wiped as much red paint from the white door as would come up & when the door was dry I touched up the faint pink smears with another coat of white.

In case there's room I lay the closet wall on a piece of foamboard and cut a back wall. I marked it for craftstick shelves.

I tried to make the wall trim in the gluing jig, it was perfect but when I gently lifted it off of the waxed paper I line the jig with it came apart in my hands, so I laid it aside and papered the wall by spreading glue on the wall & laying it face down on the back of the piece of paper I had cut for it and weighted it down. When dry I trimmed away the doorway and installed two sides of the trim. I laid the door in the opening and glued the hinges to the wall without trim and then glued the trim over the hinges and clamped the bejeezus out of it. When that's all dry I'll paint that trim red as well.


Next I began to prep the staircase wall. I sanded inside each banister and painted both sides white. On the outside I drew a line to paper to and I lay a piece of stripwood along the line and cut it for trim, which I sanded and began painting red.

When I finish the staircase wall I'll prep the center partition wall in the kitchen.

complements of havanaholly


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