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September 12, 2005



I finished removing & prepping the rest of the pieces listed for Part A and realized I had to decorate the second floor ceiling (flip side of the attic floor).


There were also some slots to be removed and I was ready to begin. While there's a lot more of the slot-sliding to fit this one together, the slots slide really swell without having to hammer them into place (well, the first floor needed just the tiniest tap to convince it to go where it was supposed to <_< ).

As soon as I was happy with the dry fit I glued the few places the instructions said I could glue. Once the back foundation piece was on the structure began to stabilize.


Fitting the center partition extension was another tight spot, since the slot between the porch and the center partition wall is "L" shaped. The reason you glue so few things is so the pieces like center partition extensions can be coaxed into place.

I now have the right wall, both first & second floor, the right front wall, the center partition (& extension) and the left front wall weighted down whilst the glue dries.

I'm puzzled as to why the instructions had so many pieces being removed & prepped that don't "go" yet, and others that do go next are in danger of becoming separated.

blog-242-1127868051_thumb.jpg blog-242-1127868704_thumb.jpg

Speaking of "next", it looks like that will be the stairs.

complements of havanaholly


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