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Vincent van Gogh has a Dollhouse



Or is it a room box? Really, I was just curios, but sure enough ...

I suppose if I really dug deeper, I'd find many famous, or infamous, folks with a 'dollhouse' snapshop of their lives.

Why do we make dollhouses? 



Van Gogh's Dollhouse 1.jpg

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If anyone knows where I might find 1/12 rush-seat chairs like that, I sure would love to have a few.

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17 hours ago, Kami said:

If anyone knows where I might find 1/12 rush-seat chairs like that, I sure would love to have a few.


Here's a similar look for $7.25/chair on Etsy. The finials on the seat back could probably easily be trimmed off and sanded to look more like the original. The crossbars and everything look spot on! And since they're unfinished, you could stain or paint to your liking. 


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Wow, that's perfect, yes. Clipping the finials should be easy enough (famous last words). I do need to get an account for Etsy. Is it worth it? I've benn an eBay picker for years, never ventured out.

I do want to pay a little homage to Vincent via his colors and his adoration for the peasants - humble homes and furnishings.


Thanks for this lead.

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In my humble opinion, Etsy is an AMAZING source for miniatures! I've never sold on Etsy - only bought - but I've had wonderful experiences finding unique miniatures and unusual pieces. 

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