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  1. Your attention to detail is great. I especially love the exposed hinges on the upper doors. Those little details make such a difference! The yellow canister set is too cute! 🥰
  2. IndyCindy


    Is the bed coverlet worked in needlepoint? (tent stitch, cross stitch, etc.) Quite a sweet little bedroom!
  3. My Aster cottage build is finally nearing completion to the point that I don't anticipate needing any of the scrap wood left from my kit. Now I'm all for having a stash for future projects, but honestly, the wood is so rough that I don't anticipate building anything with it. In an attempt to declutter my workspace a little, I was ready to chuck all of scraps I've saved for over a year now. Does anyone do anything fantastic with their Greenleaf scraps that would make me regret tossing them? If not, please tell me it's okay to throw them away.
  4. Perfect! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
  5. My Aster cottage finally has a thatched roof. I used coconut fiber and basically followed the tutorial offered by Earth and Tree. I'm satisfied with the results, but I'm noticing LOTS of shedding. Today I was brainstorming ideas to help with the shedding and I wondered if a heavy coat of hairspray might work? Is this ridiculous? Will it not age well if I introduce something synthetic to the natural coconut fibers? Any suggestions and advice are welcome!
  6. If they haven't been re-glued by the previous owner (and it's just Reutter's glue) you should be able to just gently pull them off. If any residue remains on the porcelain, you can just scrape it off with your finger nail, no special tools necessary. The company does a nice job of affixing them securely, but you shouldn't have any issues removing them.
  7. Interesting! Thanks for sharing your experience with both.
  8. I've actually (successfully) used wallpaper paste before. I was just trying to determine if it was a necessary expense. In my early days of miniature building, I was convinced that there was a single/best/correct way to do things, and this forum and good ol' experience have changed my view of that. Having said all that, I went ahead and ordered some wallpaper glue last night. Thanks for weighing in on this!
  9. Wallpaper paste - is it really necessary to buy the "real" paste, or can equal results be achieved using watered down Tacky Glue, etc.?
  10. Thank you, Diane! This is definitely the "Harold" I was seeking!
  11. Hi friends! I realize this is a shot in the dark, but is anyone familiar with a miniature artist who would have signed their pieces "Harold" and the year (late 1970s). I've seen a few pieces on Ebay and Pinterest - usually handcrafted wood string instruments in 1/12th scale. (violins, cellos, etc.) Any information or leads would be appreciated!
  12. I've used many battery-operated lights to my satisfaction. I would just add that not all battery-operated lights are created equal - I've been very disappointed in some super dim ones, and then I've purchased some that are bright and downright fantastic! The "3rd generation/super bright" ones from www.miniland.ca have been among my favorites for brightness.
  13. I'm sure it isn't puppy-proof, but a great "recipe" for 12th scale dirt/soil is a mixture of Woodland Scenics dark brown ballast (fine) https://woodlandscenics.woodlandscenics.com/show/item/BAL-DB mixed with an equal part of soil turf (fine) https://woodlandscenics.woodlandscenics.com/show/item/FT-S. It's quite effective and realistic looking.
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