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  1. Wallpaper paste - is it really necessary to buy the "real" paste, or can equal results be achieved using watered down Tacky Glue, etc.?
  2. Thank you, Diane! This is definitely the "Harold" I was seeking!
  3. Hi friends! I realize this is a shot in the dark, but is anyone familiar with a miniature artist who would have signed their pieces "Harold" and the year (late 1970s). I've seen a few pieces on Ebay and Pinterest - usually handcrafted wood string instruments in 1/12th scale. (violins, cellos, etc.) Any information or leads would be appreciated!
  4. I've used many battery-operated lights to my satisfaction. I would just add that not all battery-operated lights are created equal - I've been very disappointed in some super dim ones, and then I've purchased some that are bright and downright fantastic! The "3rd generation/super bright" ones from www.miniland.ca have been among my favorites for brightness.
  5. I'm sure it isn't puppy-proof, but a great "recipe" for 12th scale dirt/soil is a mixture of Woodland Scenics dark brown ballast (fine) https://woodlandscenics.woodlandscenics.com/show/item/BAL-DB mixed with an equal part of soil turf (fine) https://woodlandscenics.woodlandscenics.com/show/item/FT-S. It's quite effective and realistic looking.
  6. This is just sooooooooo cute. The dandelions, the heart in the pavement. . . *sigh* SO good!
  7. IndyCindy

    miniature diy8

    The dryer sheet Coke sign blows my mind! I've been dreaming of doing a general store and this just took my plans to a whole new level!!!! So cool!
  8. Thanks for your kind words. It's the Houseworks Olympian bowl planter (#4039), available here: https://www.miniatures.com/Olympian-Bowl-Planter-P24942.aspx It was a bit larger than I expected when I ordered. Here's a better shot of the filled planter.
  9. This represents countless hours of flower making. Just thought I'd share a little spring beauty in 1/12th scale since I finished "planting" this evening!
  10. Rebecca - your online interview was great! It was so enjoyable to hear you talk about your entry and to see the videos. The online pictures and photo in the most recent catalog didn't even begin to showcase how incredible your creation was! Congratulations! You are a true artist!
  11. This is really fantastic!
  12. Registered yesterday and excited to tune in! Finally a FUN reason to Zoom that is not work-related!
  13. These floors are SOOOOOOOO good.
  14. IndyCindy

    Floor 3

    Just fantastic! Looks life-like!
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