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Stump Fairy house, base




I took a break from the roof line, mostly because I am not quite sure how I want it finished on the inside.  One of the 200+yo sugar maples lost a limb last summer and the biggest part of the stump is still sitting up there.  It is partly sawed up but I had the bright idea of using a slab to set my fairy house on.  The slab would give me ample room to landscape if I decide to, or the natural wood would be nice looking as a base.  The limb was about 1/3 of the tree and as big as a lot of 50-75yo trees.  I like the shape of it, lots of curves.  

The next part of my project is going to be cut an opening that will be hinged and open for inside access.  After thinking the whole thing over, and dithering about it, I waffled back and forth on wether the opening should be cut to the bottom, or slightly above.  If it is slightly above, then opening it won't interfere with landscaping if I go with that route.  I am delaying the actual cutting because it is going to be difficult, and I don't want to ruin the stump after all these hours I put into the hollowing.  

This is a picture of how I want it settled on the slab, then a picture of the slab followed by close ups of the interesting grain. I also included pictures of the curves.











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There is an interesting story behind that tree.  We bought the farm from the grandson of the original owner, it had passed through 3 generations, and at the time the grandson was 89 yo.  His grandfather had 12 children, and he planted a sugar maple for each of his kids, sadly there are only 5 left, but they are huge.  This tree came down last summer, it was the second time it lost a huge limb, the first was the summer before.  3/4 of the tree is still in existence, but regardless I planted a new one about 10 feet away.  I do miss the privacy it gave the courtyard though!  It is scary when a big tree like that comes down, 7 times since I have lived here there have been huge limbs come down, and 5 trees are now gone, two were just stumps when we got here.

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How nice that you are keeping to the history of the farm. Planting trees is always a great thing, imo. Repurposing the branches is a wonderful idea.

Keeping the country in the country is a great thing to be part of. That is not to say that I don't enjoy a trip to the city for some of their amenities now and then. But I'm a country gal to the core!

I love old farmhouses and barns. So many are neglected and falling into disrepair as the urban landscape creeps ever onward. There is a lovely little children's book called "The Little House" by Virginia Lee Burton. (author of Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel and Katy and the Big Snow and others). The poor little country house is overtaken by the city and forgotten. Then her ancestors come back and rescue her. Worth the read, imo.

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